In September 2019, TAGOA became an Incorporated Association, which means that it is a not for profit and is governed by a constitution.

TAGOA is incorporated under Associations Incorporation Act 1964 (Tas).

The Objects and Purposes of TAGOA (Tas Inc) are to: 

a) promote and encourage research into the Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus);

b) provide education to the community regarding the Thylacine;

c) foster community awareness and appreciation of the natural fauna and flora of Australia.

d) promote responsible care of the native fauna and flora of Australia to the benefit of the Australian community and its environment.

e) advance the value of the Australian natural environment and the sustainable use of the environment.

The Association is managed by a Committee of Management comprising of:

President & Public Officer- Neil Waters

First Vice President- Mark Taylor

Second Vice President - Susan Frame

Communications Officer / Multimedia Producer - John Maguire

Treasurer - Lynda Shields

Secretary - Lisa Pyle

Online Content Officer – Susan Frame

The Committee is elected by the members each year at its annual general meeting. The primary function of the Committee is to administer the Association in accordance with its Constitution.