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Sit back and watch Living........ the Thylacine Dream Documentary, while you're here!!  

Here's just some of the Documentary Reviews...........

'Even as a Thylacine aficionado, it contained a lot of information that I didn't know, especially about the documented history of the Thylacine on the Australian mainland'

 'Love the DVD and the bumper sticker--thanks!'

'Living The Thylacine Dream was fascinating & I loved every minute!1 man, attempting to collect evidence to try & prove the existence of a supposedly extinct animal he knows to still exist.Anybody that has an interest in the Thylacine maybe making a comeback will love this documentary.'

'This is an eye-opening documentary that explains the continued existence of the thylacine on mainland Australia, and contains footage of images captured from different parts of the continent as well as interviews with indigenous people living in the Flinders Ranges, to whom this species is familiar. It leaves one in now doubt that this animal, far from being extinct, is alive and well.'

'The DVD is excellent and informative'

'Love this DVD! Such compelling evidence that the Thylacine still walks among us. Thanks Neil and fellow TAGOA members for a fantastic job'