By joining The Thylacine Awareness Group Of Australia (TAGOA) you are supporting the push to try and find conclusive evidence of the Thylacine's continued existence, and to help better understand it's current distribution and behaviour, if it is still out there...

ALL monies raised by or donated to TAGOA INC. is applied to equipment and expenses related directly to TAGOA's search for the Thylacine. TAGOA has a long history and interest in all Native Australian Animals and Ecosystems and regularly has posts and blogs about interesting news and current issues and threats facing the Australian Natural Landscape and it's inhabitants. TAGOA TAS. INC., was incorporated in 2019 and will be keeping it's Members informed of progress towards EXTANTION, with regular video and audio updates via  YouTube and Facebook.  As a paid member, you can join TAGOA'S Live THYLACAM nightly which beams into the TASSIE Bush!

Membership Levels 

Within Australia $30 MEMBERSHIP gives you a 12 month membership in the THYLA ARMY includes Sew-on Patch, 2 x TAGOA Stickers, TAGOA Magnet + access to Live THYLACAM nightly. 

Overseas $35

$120 TRAIL CAMERA SPONSORSHIP gives you exclusive access to all of the above plus access to the findings of the trail camera that you sponsor via email directly from Neil Waters. A unique way to bring Australia's Wildlife right into your living room at home or the classroom for the students. Then, you get to share the findings with TAGOA or TAGOT on Facebook, but the camera you sponsor could be the one that gets that vital piece of evidence to prove the Thylacine still exists...

Trail Camera

Tagoa uses affordable quality camera's directly imported from the manafacturer in China.

Trail Camera Specifications

Tagoa's camera's carry all the features of leading brands at a fraction of the cost.

Membership Application 

TAGOA Thyla Army Patch

Check out the Show us ya Patch fun photos!

Once you have joined TAGOA, we want to see your sew on Patch to show your support for the Thyla Army and the search for Ol' Stripey. Each year members are involved they will receive a different sew on patch to show their commitment to Australia's unique Fauna and Flora and to raising awareness about Citizen Science and conservation work undertaken by everyday people that support TAGOA's efforts.

Upload your Thyla Army Patch Photos below and we will post them here ↑