Thylacine Brooch - rose gold - hand made

Thylacine Brooch -  rose gold - hand made



Colour - rose gold paint on hand poured resin into a mold made from an original little sculpt. The Thylacine back is painted before the brooch pin is attached. Alex has painstakingly added tiny little glass beads for the eye. 

Alex's attention to detail is amazing!

About the Artist

Artist Alex Evans lived near Chicago Illinois U.S. most of her life. She was raised on a mini farm but close enough to the city to take the train to the world renowned Art Institute of Chicago, where she learned to appreciate all kinds of art and art history. Having a love of the outdoors and animals shaped her art, as she began painting wildlife in oils. Later, her interest in sculpture developed and she worked as an art restorer, doing sculpting. Alex took and interest in Thylacines a couple of years ago after beginning a sculpture of one.