Thylacines - five hand sculptured figurines

Thylacines - five hand sculptured figurines



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The Thylacine family consists of two adults and three juvenile joeys. One adult is standing and is a bit over 14 cm. and 6 1/2 cm tall. One adult is lying down and is 9 cm across and not quite 6 cm tall.

Allow 4 weeks for shipping, this stunning collection is hand crafted and painted.

How each Thylacine is individually hand Crafted.

These sculptures are created by Alex Evans and moulds were made of each one to perfectly capture the details of the original figures. A high quality resin is used to cast into the silicone moulds, which are then removed, any seams or imperfections cleaned up and sanded. After this they are hand painted by me, paying attention to realistic colouration and details such as
eyes, lips, teeth and noses.....and the stripes on each animal is hand painted with no template, so each one is slightly different from the others.
Alex also put a resin glaze over each figure's eyes to give a life-like shine. Lastly, they are given two coats of a urethane spray coat to help preserve the integrity of the paint. Each seated joey of the set will be signed on the bottom by Alex Evans (the artist)