The Nannup Tiger

The history of Thylacine's in WA in recent decades is well documented with countless witness testimonies, indigenous artworks, cave specimens and regional legends of the mysterious creatures of the bush.

One particular town, Nannup, has it's own "tiger" legend with literally hundreds of reports in the district from people of all walks of life. Nannup the actual town has embraced the "tiger legend" and hosts a tourist walk, a music festival and art installations, all revering the legendary animal.

The local pub has even gone so far as to have the distinctive thylacine stripes added to the staffs uniforms and decor within the bar. The place literally breathes thylacine...

They have a great gift shop and tourist information centre with a small Museum.

Nannup Music Festival, Photo David Bailey.

Living the Thylacine dream shirt
thylacine uniform
thylacine uniform thylacine statue Nannup
thylacine bar Nannup
thylacine everything
thylacine underpants

There has been many sightings in the area over the years, some caught of motion sensored trail cameras.

And Dashcam Footage has started to occur as well....

Footprints and casts 

Many casts of footprints of animals purported to be Thylacine's have been found right across Western Australia with similar traits to prints from other parts of Australia including Tasmania, including the 5th digit on front feet and the shorter hock on the rear foot.

Thylacine prints, Perth Western Australia.

This is a quick video showing a plethora of activity in a semi rural swamp area in the outer southern suburbs of Perth in Western Australia found in September 2017.

Print cast comparison video.

In this video, Neil Waters compares different plaster print casts or "spoor", from Tasmania,Victoria & South Australia. There is also a silicone reproduction of a fossilised Thylacine print from a track-way on Kangaroo Island South Australia.

Sid Slee

A look into the Nannup / Busselton area for Tigers by local Farmer Sid Slee, who had many an encounter with the Thylacine's of SW Western Australia over the years.

Recent sightings...

August 2020, Several photographs of juvenile sized 5 toed prints were sent in to TAGOA President, Neil Waters , from a dairy in SW Western Australia. An area several km's Sth of Nannup on a dairy farm has had several unusual noises on the property, and the odd mutilated Kangaroo here and there..

A Trail Camera was deployed in the area and several images of a mystery animal emerged that was shorter than a fox and stayed out on the edge of the light. The animal in question appears to be similar to the animal in Tagoa's Busselton animal video from 2016: 

Busselton animal video

The animals in this video appear to be similar in appearance to the latest animal from the Nannup area from the trail camera shots.

Nannup Tiger Aug 2020 Copyright TAGOA.

Nannup Tiger August 2020 Copyright TAGOA.

Nannup Tiger August 2020 Copyright TAGOA.

The track area by daytime.

A Fox in the target area, no fox prints found. Hard substrate.

Alleged Thylacine with Fox overlay for comparison.

Alleged Thylacine & Farm dog, Jack Russell.

All 3 in scale for body shape and scale comparison.

"The Swamp dog and the fox", Photo Copyright TAGOA 2020.