The Wonthaggi Monster

Thylacine's being extinct on the mainland of Australia has always been a bone of contention for the many thousands of people who have seen one or more, and been laughed at, ridiculed and often completely ignored by "experts" or told that they have seen a mangy for or wild dog or that they were drunk or confused.

Yet despite all of these derogatory comments being sledged at everyday people who witness these amazing animals, reports of sightings still come in to TAGOA almost daily sometimes.

These reports often end up being so numerous that the animal in question ends up becoming a "Local Legend" and the media in that area sometimes take it quite seriously and follow these stories and the local community either speak up in favour or against these creatures being present.

Sometimes the sightings add up to the hundreds in a given region and yet the Govt still refuse to investigate, acknowledge or even contemplate the fact that not everybody can possibly be confused or mistaken.

You can only begin to wonder what insurmountable blockage in brainwave activity the powers to be must be suffering from when so many credible and consistent detailed reports keep flooding in. The Gippsland area of Victoria has had hundreds of sightings dating back over 100 years of strange "thylacine" like animals and many reports centred around the Wonthaggi area. Here is a collection of many historicaal reports from that area. Thylacine's are extinct on the mainlaind......something tells me Dr Michael Archer got it embarrassingly wrong when he penned the paper for the IUCN to declare the Thylacine extinct. Maybe that's why we just can't re-write the history books and get it right, "embarrassingly".......

Modern day footprints of the "Wonthaggi Monster"